GTD式を始めて、なかなか好調であります。ちょっと前に、Googleで、GTD発案してるDavid AllenのVideoがあるというのを聞いたので、機会があった見ようと思ってたのですが、ちょうど片手間でビデオ見る時間があったので、見てみました。



Outline [6:08]

  • GTD as a martial art
  • The two aspects of self-management
  • The GTD Models
  • The GTD Phenomenon

The martial art of life and work [13:47]

  • "mind like water" = perfectly appropriate response to, and
  • engagement with, whatever is present


  • Your ability to generate power is directly proportional to your ability to concentrate
  • Your ability to concentrate is directly proportional to your ability to eliminate distraction
  • Distraction is created by mismanaged commitments.


  • Your mind is limited in its ability to manage commitments, because it is handicapped in its ability to remember and remind.
  • But until it trusts there is a better system, it cannot let go of the job.


  • There is usually an inverse proportion between the amount something is on your mind and the amount it is getting done.


  • If you don't give appropriate attention to what has your attention, it will take more of your attention than it deserves.


  • In order to get things off your mind, you must know that
    • you have captured, clarified, and organized your commitments, at all horizons, and
    • you will engage consciously with them as often as you need to.


  • You[r] ability to refocus, rapidly, on the right things at the right horizon at the right time is the master technique of knowledge work athletics.
  • Perspective is your slipperiest and most valuable commodity. Therefore methods for maintaining perspective are your most important tools.

The two aspects of self-management [25:10]

  • Control: conscious focused engagement, aware of all options at any one time and place
  • Perspective: aligned and clear about decisions, directions and priorities

The matrix of self-management [26:50]

    Crazy MakerMaster & Commander
    ReactorMicro Manager

The GTD models [30:25]

  • Mastering workflow: The five keys to gaining control
  • Horizons of focus: The six level of work

Mastering workflow (control) [33:37]

  • Collect
  • Process
  • Organize
  • Review
  • Do

Horizons of focus (perspective) [39:03]

  • 50,000 ft - purpose, principles
  • 40,000 ft - vision
  • 30,000 ft - goals
  • 20,000 ft - areas of focus/responsibility
  • 10,000 ft - projects
  • Runway - next actions

The old models... [40:26]

  • Only dealt with one aspect
  • Were not complete
  • Compressed the models
  • Disconnected from reality
  • Were system-dependent

How I came up with this [42:56]

  • I needed a better job
  • I'm lazy
  • I'm enthralled with efficient process
  • I value clear space

Whither goest GTD? [44:20]

  • A standard for corporate cultures?
  • Education (time for "mental intelligence")?
  • Dissolving the work vs. life myth?
  • Accepted, assumed practice?

最後に雑感かいとくと、まぁ、本に書いてあることなわけですが、まとめてしゃべると45分だということだ。でも、これだけだと、神髄はわからんな。また、今まで他のタスクマネージメント試したことがある人じゃないと、GTDのすごさは、わからないかも。 "How I came up with this" の話は、 思わず笑った。気持ち分かる。


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